Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How the Garden Grows

While we were on holiday, our wonderful neighbor took care of our potted plants. He is a gem. Our garden grew by leaps and bounds. I didn't recognize it almost. We left when it was rainy and cool, but as soon as we crossed the Utah border it must have turned up the heat. The plants loved it. I am sorry to report that the Okra could not hold out for the warm weather. It pined for the deep South, and now it is simply part of our pine mulch. I should have a squash to batter up and fry this weekend. I will be no good. mmmm

One of the clematis plants is in full bloom. It is still a baby, and I love that the bloom has a passion flower look to it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Brady Bunch Dreams Come True

My friend Andy came to visit from Italy. We went to Indian Country and did the Grand Circle. We left from Denver and traveled to Bryce Canyon in Utah. From there we went to Zion Canyon, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, through Monument Valley, Goose neck Canyon, Newspaper Rock, and into Moab for the Arches. Phatveggie's Brady Bunch dream of seeing the Grand Canyon came true. It was an awesome trip. It was during the phase of the new moon so the stars were beautiful in the clear sky. We were able to see the Milky Way. Due to light pollution in the cities, many people in the world cannot see it. The Salt Lake City Astronomical Society were at Bryce Canyon with telescopes. There were over 40 telescopes out each night. Scott said after the first night, "I have looked through more telescopes in one night than I have in my entire life." We looked at the planets Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. We were able to see many star clusters and other galaxies and a triangle star formation with a triangle star formation inside it called the Stargate. I had never been to a star party, and I crashed it with a blaze of light. Apparently you are not to use white light, but red light instead. I had my headlight on and before i could round the corner I was being screamed at to turn my light out. Well hell I didn't want to trip on anything, but I stumbled around in the dark like everyone else. The next night I was prepared. I was not a virgin anymore.