Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rabbitry Completed

The rabbitry got the big make-over and everything looks much nicer. The floors were painted to protect and provide easier clean-up. We divided the garage space with a theatre back drop that Scott had saved from his theatre days. This not only adds instant art, but provides protection for our storage from any dander or flying fur that inevitably occurs. We have the compressor and table by the garage door. I still have to work on blowing out their coats. The play area got expanded, and we put their names on their cages today. We ran out of letters so PeeWee go a name change to P-Oui (exaggerated French accent).
P.S. Thank you honey for all the beautiful and hard work that you did. The bunnies may not know how good they have it, but I love the new and improved space.