Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rabbitry Completed

The rabbitry got the big make-over and everything looks much nicer. The floors were painted to protect and provide easier clean-up. We divided the garage space with a theatre back drop that Scott had saved from his theatre days. This not only adds instant art, but provides protection for our storage from any dander or flying fur that inevitably occurs. We have the compressor and table by the garage door. I still have to work on blowing out their coats. The play area got expanded, and we put their names on their cages today. We ran out of letters so PeeWee go a name change to P-Oui (exaggerated French accent).
P.S. Thank you honey for all the beautiful and hard work that you did. The bunnies may not know how good they have it, but I love the new and improved space.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Toas Wool Festival

Even though I am posting this one month after the event, I am still thinking about our wonderful experience at the Toas Wool Festival. The above building is located in a small town on the way down to New Mexico in Southern Colorado (La Jara). It set the tone for the weekend. The Autumn colors were wonderful in the trees and fiber.

They even set up a Ravelry group tent. There was a group of people with their drop spindles. I went for my spindles, but we ended up hanging out with David from High Plains Fiber. We practiced and purchased some of his fleece. He and his partner raise Icelandic and Shetland Sheep.
We met this lovely lady who hangs out in her friend's booth. She brings her Angora rabbits and spinning wheel. She has such a beautiful spirit, and it is obvious that she loves meeting all the people that stop to talk to her. We ran into her at the grocery store later in the afternoon and told her how wonderful we think she is. I wish I had a better picture of her warm smile as she sits with her rabbits.
I love these guys. Their faces are adorable. I wish we had space for them at our little homestead.
This year I did not have the time to take any of the classes at the Festival with the star cast lineup of instructors, but it is on my wish list.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Introducing Eudora the Angora

This is Eudora our new Angora doe. She adores her play time, and she is getting much better at her grooming time. I have been so lucky to have two wonderful ladies that live so very near to me that have Angora rabbits. We got Eudora from our new friend Martha at Midnight Moonsong. She not only has rabbits, but also has Angora goats and Alpaca. You can buy her hand dyed yarn at our LYS - Recylced Lamb.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Phatveggie's Angora Rabbitry

Well the rabbitry has finally come to life. This week I brought home two angora rabbits from the same litter. Vidal (Gore Vidal) is the fawn colored one and his little brother is PeeWee. PeeWee is a fighter. Bless his little heart. Today I bought a REW doe whose name is Eudora (Welty). We have set up a rabbitry in our garage. So far we have been able to keep the temperature in the 70's. We pull the cool air in during the night and then close up during the day. Next summer we will have to buy a swamp cooler for the studio/garage.

They love their play time and treat time in the afternoon. I give them parsley and lettuce from the garden. I have been developing grooming habits so they are used to me. I plan on getting four stock rabbits and keep them for a year before I do any breeding. We have set a limit for our rabbitry for 10 rabbits. That should keep me busy.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Went to a Garden Party

Today we enjoyed the Annual Garden Tour Benefit. We started out early since the temperatures were to exceed 100 degrees today. We were inspired by many things that we saw. I did not capture everything with the camera since I got carried away looking at plants.
I was amazed that the rose had some many colors coming from one cluster of blooms.
There were seven gardens on the tour. We traveled from Arvada, Golden, Wheatridge, to Lakewood. One of the gardens was an oversized model railroad.
From the wild, wild west to the sinking saint.
I love a grape arbor. Can't wait until we have one.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I am now following the blog of one our stores,Fancy Tiger, in the Denver area. I love the photo that they added of the unique pieces of spinning equipment.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Estes Park Wool Market

This weekend we headed up to the annual Estes Park Wool Market. It was a beautiful day for the festival this year. Actually I was shocked to look up and see the smoke from the High Park Fire near Ft.Collins. Of course the shopping for fiber was tempting, but we went to look at the animals first. We were most excited to see and talk to the breeders of Angora Rabbits. We hope to have the space ready for some this summer on our little homestead.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Salad Day

We harvested our first salad from our assortment of greens. It was so good.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Watching the Garden Grow

Yin Yang Salad Bed Kale Yea! We were able to pick some of our first radishes.