Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Eve Breakfast

Since I have to go to work tomorrow morning, today was a great day to make my sweetheart pancakes for breakfast. The recipe comes from a lovely photographed book called Biscuits, Pancakes & Quick Breads by Beverly Cox (photography by Martin Jacobs). Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day. This book will inspire you to makes some wonderful creations. Since my partner wanted banana nut pancakes, I decided on Easy Whole-Wheat Griddle Cakes, and I just added those two ingredients at the end.

Easy Whole-Wheat Griddle Cakes

Cottage cheese and eggs give these cakes a lightness and fluffiness not usually associated with whole-wheat griddle cakes.

Preparation time 10 minutes Cooking time 15 minutes Yield 4-6 servings

 4 eggs
 1 cup creamed cottage cheese
 1 tablespoon brown sugar
 1/8 teaspoon salt
 ½ cup whole-wheat flour
 1 tablespoon melted butter mixed with 1 tablespoon mild cooking oil
 Butter and honey or warm maple syrup for serving

With an electric mixer, beat the eggs, cottage cheese, brown sugar, and salt together at medium speed until well blended, about 1 minute. Gradually add the flour, and continue to mix until the flour is incorporated.

Lightly grease a griddle with the butter and oil mixture and heat the griddle until medium-hot. Ladle the batter by scant ¼ cupfuls onto the griddle. When small bubbles form on the top, after 1 ½ - 2 minutes, turn the cakes and cook until browned on the other side, about 1 minute. Serve with butter and honey or warm maple syrup.
Today I added a mashed ripened banana and about 1 cup chopped pecans to the batter.

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