Friday, October 20, 2006

Gay Republicans come out wherever you are!

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First of all let's make it clear that pedophilia does not equate to homosexuality.(period) So that is enough said about Foley and his scandal.(for now ;-) Let's move on to other news that happened this week in D.C. At the swearing in of Dr. Dybul as the new U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, Secretary Rice refers to the mother of Dr. Dybul's partner as "mother in law." Please help me out here! Is this the same administration that wants to ban same sex marriage?

Now we all know if there are some positions of power out there...then honey, there are some of our gay brothers out there filling those positions. As a bleeding heart liberal, I do not understand how gay men can be Republicans...but bless their hearts. I do know that the Republican apparatus has some powerful gay men greasing those cogs. If this Foley mess does anything, I hope it sheds light on these men and the hypocrisy of the Republican party concerning homophobia. Who knows...just maybe the next Republican Presidential candidate will meet with the Log Cabin Republicans (unlike Bushy). More importantly maybe it will shed some light on those good ole "family values" that they just can't keep tooting their horns about. Now Was Foley responsible for No Child Left Behind? Don't go there!

Was Ben Stein right when he said last week on the Sunday Morning Show that the media should not focus so much on this Foley issue when Korea is testing nuclear weapons, or when there is genocide still taking place in Africa? Well of course....BUT we all know Sex trumps all other stories in this nation of enquiring minds.

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